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Tenant Placement

We advertise and market your property to procure a tenant that meet our rigorous criteria. Our screening process includes running a credit report, performing an eviction search, verifying income history and current/previous rental history.

Move-in/Move out Inspection

We perform a move-in inspection prior to lease commencement date to document precise condition of a property via a written report and thorough digital photos. At the move-out inspection we reference notes/photos from the move-in inspection to determine tenant-caused damage prior to refunding their security deposit.

Rent Collection

We diligently enforce our rent collection policies, and have procedures in place to take prompt action when rent is not paid when due.

Periodic Home Inspections

In addition to the move-in/move-out inspections, we also offer a semi-annual inspection (every six months) to identify needed repairs to ensure the upkeep of your property. We take a tremendous amount of pride in protecting your asset from aesthetic and functional decline by placing a premium on maintenance and educating our tenants on our expectations for how they care for your home.

Financial Accounting

We use efficient accounting techniques to maintain thorough financial records of all income and expenses for your property. We send you monthly statements along with invoices for any work performed that month. We also send you year-end statements clearly outlining all activity at your property along with required tax documents at the end of each year.

Maintenance Coordination

We field all maintenance requests and coordinate the appropriate vendor to visit promptly. We are always available after-hours for all emergency maintenance requests. We consult with you for all major repairs.

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